Whether you are renovating on a budget or want to make some little upgrades in your kitchen, we can help you fulfill a kitchen remodel project that will breathe new life into space, even if it's just a minimal improvement.

What can San Francisco Kitchen Remodeling do for you?

Update Your Cabinet Hardware
Should you opt to work on kitchen cabinets, consider replacing and removing hardware with more modern sets of handles or drawer pulls. This minor kitchen remodeling project is easy because it takes less time to finish. It is also a more affordable way to revamp your kitchen cabinets than replacing or refacing them. Handles have taken over the knobs when it comes to kitchen hardware trends. Opt for products with a clean and streamlined shiny material and finish for a more modern and sleek touch. If your kitchen has a farmhouse vibe with white cabinets, add dark wood handles to create a quaint natural contrast and accent.

Replace the Countertops
Another quick way to transform the entire appeal of your kitchen's working space is by upgrading the countertops. These days, one of the most popular countertops styles in most San Francisco kitchen remodeling projects is the butcher's block countertop. But you can always replace just a section of your counters with a butcher's block rather than the entire surface to save you more on material cost.

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures
If you want to see your kitchen in a new light, upgrade your light fixtures. This project is simple but makes quite a significant impact in any kitchen remodeling project. Good lighting installation and position can change the whole look of your kitchen.

Add a Backsplash
Homeowners in the San Francisco area go with backsplash updates when they want to make the kitchen's look interesting. For reasonably-priced options for backsplashes, porcelain or ceramic tiles are the favored materials. But if you are on a budget and still want to achieve this remodeling project, you can always try peel-and-stick options that mimic the appearance of glass or tiles.

Install New Flooring
Because kitchen floors typically take a beating, mostly if your existing floors have not been replaced for a long time, consider getting a new covering. For a low-cost option, linoleum and vinyl are great for a minor kitchen remodeling project. Engineered hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is the best option for a budget-friendly alternative if you want the feel and look of solid hardwood flooring.

Repaint the Wall
Getting a fresh coat is a simple way to boost your kitchen's feel and appearance. For a standard size kitchen, two gallons of paint is all it takes to cover everything. Most homeowners go with glossy paint since they consider it the best option for the kitchen because it is easier to remove the grease and sauce splatters from food preparation and cooking.

Repaint, Refinish or Reface the Cabinets
When it comes to updating the entire cabinet, go with repainting, refinishing, or refacing them. These projects are some of the more affordable options than replacing the cabinets entirely.

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