If you want to improve your existing kitchen or in the process of building a new one, make sure to form a strategic lighting plan. A good lighting plan adds functionality and provides some drama and beauty into the kitchen space. That is why lighting is considered a key factor in achieving an attractive kitchen design. You can trust Kitchen Lighting San Francisco to help you fulfill your dream kitchen by giving you the perfect lighting style.

We only offer the best kitchen lighting plan to guarantee adequate lighting arrangement to have a good and useful kitchen. When you have a modern house with an open kitchen concept, the kitchen becomes the center of your home. If that is the case, lighting now influences the other area near the kitchen. Our experts can help you with a well-calculated plan that can make your kitchen more dynamic and friendly. We guarantee to create a well-lit kitchen by layering it with careful consideration, from the number of lights you need to the positioning.

  • Ambient Lighting
    Amber lighting is fundamental when it comes to kitchen design because it delivers overall lighting in a place. It gives the most maximum light in your kitchen. It is also the type of lighting that gets used and turned on and off most often. Recessed lighting is a favorite option among Kitchen Lighting San Francisco clients because of its functionality, affordability, and ability to blend seamlessly into the ceiling. Our electricians will skillfully attach these lighting fixtures to your kitchen.

  • Task Lighting
    If you want to create focused brilliance for your workspaces, island, and countertops, go with task lighting. It helps enhance ambient lighting by extending the lighting conditions in spots where you perform a specific task in the kitchen. When you intend to include task lighting, consider the functions you will be doing in the kitchen and how you will be using each area. Before installing direct lighting for the food preparation area and counter or add more illumination on your dining set and cabinets, it is best to think through where you need to set them the most.

  • Accent Lighting
    Suppose you want to accentuate decorative pieces and other interests worth displaying in the kitchen, such as artwork, shelves, and objects, use accent lighting. This lighting type is not just a kitchen accessory; it also possesses its distinct and functional purpose. When you do not need full illumination and only want a comfortable kitchen atmosphere, turn on the accent light to obtain that result. Accent lighting also comes in different impressive designs.

You are sure to find one that befits your taste, making your kitchen a place where you show your style.

We suggest that all lighting layers have a separate switch. We can also build lighting layers that can be dimmed individually to adjust each lighting level easily. We also suggest that the color modes on all levels are similar and harmonious. When we create a strategic lighting plan, we consider the lighting effects, textures, and colors for your countertops, cabinets, flooring, ceiling, backsplash, and paint - all to ensure you only get a kitchen masterpiece. Kitchen Lighting San Francisco will install your lighting plan by evaluating each corner of your kitchen to achieve balanced illumination. We can also guarantee that we only provide top-notch and high-quality products because we aim to please and satisfy all our clients.

If you have any more concerns, you can always discuss it with our lighting design specialists. We are always here to assist you.

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