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Kitchen Install San Francisco

Have you always wanted to improve your existing kitchen layout? Or are you building a kitchen for your new home? Whatever your project is, kitchen installation can be overwhelming. Hire the best team of kitchen builders to achieve the perfect kitchen for your home successfully. Kitchen Install San Francisco can turn your existing kitchen into a modern one or build the ideal kitchen for you from scratch. 

There’s no reason for you to worry about the expenses you might incur in a kitchen project because we offer reasonably-priced kitchen installation services on any budget. Because we believe getting quality and the best service does not have to cost a fortune. 

There are many reasons you should trust us in fulfilling your project. Our experts believe that to be successful in kitchen installation, the correct order of kitchen fitting procedure will be applied. Kitchen installation is not an easy project wherein one can do whatever, wherever, and however. There are different stages you need to follow according to the order of how it should be done. And we guarantee to execute each stage appropriately and in the best way possible.


Our kitchen will start by turning off your water supply and drain the pipes before doing any pipeline work. Once the pipeline work is complete, they will restore the water supply. The kitchen will then be stripped out by removing fixtures in this order: doors, drawers, oven, hob, cornice, lights, wall units, tiles, worktop and sinks, plinths, and base units. This procedure will be done quickly, and once done, the kitchen will look bare. They will also transfer any cables or plumbing connections before they begin floor patching or leveling, or wall skimming. Taking down walls, building stud walls, moving doors ways, and other minor building work will then ensue.

Before fitting starts, adjustments to the plumbing or electrics will proceed if required. They will put markings on any new electrics for sockets, fused spurs, and switches. Our expert fitters will also adjust plumbing so the sink will fit in the new kitchen layout. They will chase the wall out and make sure the back boxes and wiring are in precise positions. Before setting the required covering, walls and ceiling will be plastered and prepared. As for the floors, they will lay laminate or tiles or whatever materials you choose.

Kitchen Install San Francisco

When the units are ready to be fitted, Kitchen Install San Francisco builders will start with the base units. They will begin at the corner then work out and around the room. They will proceed to the wall units afterward. The succeeding process is the installation of the new worktops and sinks. Before the final fitting, cut-outs for the sinks and hob are made, and worktops are edged. The sink will then be reconnected. Fitting wall tiles should also take place, followed by doors, plinths, and drawer fronts installations. Our team of builders will make sure that everything is constructed or cut proportionately. The final stage is installing all appliances. After connecting them, you can test them if they are working properly. 

While this may all seem a lengthy process, trust Kitchen Install San Francisco experts to make it easy and manageable. We guarantee that you will be getting the best service and result when you trust our expert builders.

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